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Useful Words and Phrases in Norwegian
Or as Magne would say….
"Snakker Du Norsk eller Spiser Du Torsk?"
(Do you speak Norwegian or do you eat fish?)

Related to Icelandic and Faroese, Norwegian also hangs off of the northern Germanic branch of the Indo-European family tree. It is spoken by approx. 5,000,000. Norwegian and Swedish are among the few European tonal languages, which is a language where the tone in a syllable of two otherwise identical words can change their meaning. Norwegian is spoken in parts of Denmark and Sweden, too.

Norwegian, like Swedish, has a musical pitch.  Two tones are observable in the spoken language, one a fairly low tone and the second a higher tone.

The Norwegian language uses the Latin alphabet plus three extra characters: æ, ø, å.

Pronunciation guide for Norwegian words:

  • A as in father
  • E as in bed or let or they
  • I as in beat or meet
  • O as in boy.  
  • U as in new   
  • Y as in the “I” in machine
  • Æ as in mad or cat
  • Ø as in hurt or fur
  • Å as in over

Most consonants are pronounced similar to English, with these exceptions:

  • J is pronounced like the "y" in yes
  • GJ is pronounced like the “y” in yes
  • R is a little more "rolled" or “trilled” than the English R. 
  • KJ, KI and KY as in she  
  • SJ, SKY, SKJ and SKI as in shop, shall or she
  • TJ is pronounced something like “ch” in cheese, but softer.

Norwegian phrases:
Yes = Ja

No = Nei
My name is….. =  Jeg heter ……
Thank you = Takk
Thank you very much = Tusen takk
You're welcome = Vær så god
Please = Vær så snill
Excuse me = Unnskyld meg
Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Ha det

Jeg liker det = I like it
I do not understand = Jeg forstår ikke
Does anyone here speak English? = Snakker man engelsk her?
How do you say this in Norwegian? = Hvordan sier man dette på norsk? 

Travel phrases
Where is ...? = Hvor er ...?

How much is the fare? = Hvor mye koster billetten?
One ticket to ..., please. = En billett til ..., takk.
Train = Tog
Bus = Buss
Norwegian Subway, Underground = T-bane
Airport = Flyplass
Train station = Jernbanestasjon
Bus station = Busstasjon
Are there any vacancies for tonight? = Er det noe ledig for i natt?
No vacancies = Alt opptatt.
Have a good trip! = God reise!

How much does this cost? = Hvor mye koster dette?

What is this? = Hva er dette?
I'll buy it. = Jeg kjøper det.
I would like to buy ... = Jeg vil gjerne ha ...
Do you have ... = Har du ...
Do you accept credit cards? = Tar dere kredittkort?

Norwegian Tourist Information = Turistinformasjon

Museum = Museum
Bank = Bank
Norwegian police station = Politistasjon
Hospital = Sykehus
Store, Shop = Butikk
Restaurant = Restaurant
Church = Kirke
Restrooms = Toalett, WC

one = en

two = to
three = tre
four = fire
five = fem
six = seks
seven = sju
eight = åtte
nine = ni
ten = ti

Day = Dag

Week = Uke
Month = Måned
Year = År
Monday = mandag
Tuesday = tirsdag
Wednesday = onsdag
Thursday = torsdag
Friday = fredag
Saturday = lørdag
Sunday = søndag
Today = I dag
Yesterday = I går
Tomorrow = I morgen 

In the morning = Om morgenen
In the afternoon = Om ettermiddagen
In the evening = Om kvelden
At noon = Klokka tolv
What time is it? = Hva er klokka?

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